Declutter and Organise

Decluttering and organising can work wonders for a room. You may not notice all the clutter piling up, but you’ll certainly notice a difference when it’s not there anymore! Make sure that everything’s got a place. If you have lots of paperwork that you can’t get rid of, use things such as magazine holders and turn them around so all of the loose paper isn’t visible. Use stylish boxes to keep things in. But don’t be afraid to throw away what you don’t need.


Cleaning should come after decluttering, and I’m not just talking about hovering and dusting the bits you can see. Pull everything out and do a proper deep clean. This can work wonders in your kitchen and bathroom especially, as certain aspects of these rooms tend to be neglected and actually require more cleaning than others. Steam clean the carpets, wash down the walls, polish the floors, wash blinds and curtains. Clean anything that could possibly need to be cleaned.

Fix Things That Are Broken

You’ve probably been putting off repairing that drawer for months, but just haven’t got round to it yet. Fixing things that are broken is a great way to improve the appearance of a room. Broken objects give the impression that you just don’t care, and this can negatively impact the look of a whole room. This goes for broken doorknobs as well.

Fresh Coat of Paint

It may sound cliché, but truly nothing works better than a fresh coat of paint. You’ll get that “oh my god” moment when you first start reapplying the paint and realise “so that’s the original colour.” A fresh coat of paint will brighten and give the room that extra boost that it needed. Refinishing or re-facing things such as skirting boards and doors can also help brighten up your home.

Lighten Up

Ensuring that you’re getting adequate natural light coming into your home, along with having a dim light at night, can help you increase your mood and improve the overall vibe of your home. Ensuring that the light you use at night is dim can also help improve your quality of sleep.

Update Furniture and Décor

You don’t even need to buy new furniture. A lot of people are opting into revamping their own furniture, whether this be through repainting wood, or adding vinyl to the top of it, this can work wonders for a room!

As well as updating furniture, updating other aspects can help give your home a homelier and more welcoming vibe, these include;

  • Updating picture frames/wall hangings
  • Updating curtains/blinds
  • Updating fixtures and fittings

Upgrade Appliances

Upgrading appliances in rooms such as the kitchen will help give it a complete facelift. You could also save money on some of the newer modules that are more energy efficient – reducing your energy bills.