Finally an Indian Restaurant Glasgow that caters to those with sensitive stomachs. For anyone suffering from gluten intolerance, or any kind of food allergy for that matter, you will understand the struggle that comes with having a meal at a restaurant. First of all trying to convince your dinner companions to eat somewhere that is allergy aware, to scouring the menu of a regular restaurant trying to guess ingredients, to quizzing the lackadaisical waiting staff (who don’t even know what gluten is) on what is and is not safe to eat. If you are anything like me you will feel guilty and embarrassed for even bringing up the subject of food intolerance and ingredients but unfortunately the price that is to be paid for careless eating really isn’t worth it.

Indian Restaurant Glasgow Meat Dish of Erachi Mapas lamb chops thick sauce onion cocnout milk flavoured ginger curry leaves

Gluten Free Dining in Glasgow

Lately, restaurants are slowly but surely becoming more inclusive of dietary requirements. There is a rich choice of vegan restaurants springing up all over the city and most eateries have vegetarian options available, although you still have an abundance of meat houses that must sadly be avoided. When it comes to allergies such as peanuts, dairy and gluten you have to do a bit more of your own investigating. The longer you suffer from an allergy or intolerance the easier it becomes to identify meals that will characteristically contain your nemesis ingredient(s). However, for those who really do enjoy food and are blighted by their burden allergy, a lot of trial and error will need enforcing as you explore different restaurants and cafes in Glasgow. Many menus now have a “GF” tagged on to the bottom of menu entries in order to alert diners to allergens used, however not nearly enough to satisfy those who spend a lot of time eating out. Thankfully there is an Indian restaurant Glasgow serving 100% gluten free cuisine to those with allergies who desire the piquant dishes of Indian dining.

Impressive South Indian Restaurant Glasgow

Dakhin is a brightly lit, open plan kitchen and restaurant situated in Glasgow’s Merchant City. This establishment serves a vast array of speciality dishes from India’s southern region with a menu of chicken, lamb, seafood and vegetarian preparations. For those who do not suffer adverse reactions to gluten, don’t be fooled by the hype that surrounds the allergy, more commonly known as a fad diet, gluten free food does not mean that it is tasteless or boring. The trick with gluten free dining is to find an establishment with a kitchen team that really understands food and how to maintain richness, flavour and variety without the common ingredients of wheat and rye. Dakhin is the leading Indian restaurant Glasgow serving authentic South Indian cuisine, including an assortment of bread, which is all entirely gluten free.

Close Look at Indian Restaurant Glasgow Dakhin's Menu highlighting allergens in dishes

Other Allergies

The menu highlights dishes that contain allergens dairy and mustard, plus it highlights dishes that are vegetarian. Therefore most people will feel relaxed when dining at Dakhin. Vegans are advised to speak to the waiting staff regarding available dishes and the same goes for anyone suffering from any allergies not listed. As Dakhin is an allergy aware restaurant, questions regarding ingredients are welcome. Plus the waiting staff at this popular Indian restaurant Glasgow are all enthusiasts of South Indian cuisine and will enjoy helping you find a meal that you will enjoy.