We work in a world which is fast paced and fully digitalised, it is now imperative to have your business online in order to reach your customers everywhere and compete in a competitive marketplace. Being in the top spot of the SERPS (search engine results pages) is a hard task and one which requires employing an SEO Glasgow company. An SEO company can assist you in improving your visibility online and will do majority of the work for you.

There are many aspects which contribute to SEO (search engine optimisation) including; keywords, content and link building.

SEO Glasgow – Keywords

Behind any good SEO Glasgow strategy are keywords. They are the predominant force behind SEO success. In order to target search terms and ensure your customers find you for all the relevant terms, keyword research must be carried out. A keyword is the term which is entered into a search engine to deliver results. An example of this could be ‘sports shops in Glasgow’ this will return information about the sports shops you might find in Glasgow.

For the purpose of digital marketing, these longer search terms show a higher level of intent, these searchers know what they want and are more likely to follow through or purchase. ‘Longtail’ keywords are ones which have four or more component words and according to SEO Glasgow company; Smarter Digital Marketing, they are likely to have better conversion rates.

SEO Glasgow

If you are wondering why they matter for SEO Glasgow, keywords are added into a website’s content and data in specific ways to allow Google to rank the website, or specific page within the website for particular keywords.

SEO Glasgow – Onsight Optimisation

Once you have approved the appropriate list of keywords, your SEO Glasgow team will add these to your homepage, category pages, and any relevant subpages. These keywords will be added to your website in a number of ways, including the following:

  • Content
  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Product descriptions
  • Rich Snippets

Implementing keywords into the structure and content of your website is vital for eCommerce SEO. Our SEO will ensure that these high ranking keywords will be the main focus during the keyword implementation stage. This means that these pages will show up in search results when potential customers need your services.

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The Final SEO Glasgow Step – Optimising Images

The final steps may seem like they won’t make a big difference to your SEO strategy, but Google appreciates businesses that go that extra mile when they are optimising their websites. Every image is added to your website should include alt text that describes each image that is used. By doing this you are adding keywords to your page that Google will be able to find.