Unfortunately, time is often not on our side especially in the mornings as we rush to get ready for work or running late for that date. For most the beauty regime is something we want to get through as quickly as possible. For the days you are in a hurry you need some time saving beauty tips to keep you looking good for less time.


By planning your outfit the night before you’ll instantly save minutes hunting through your wardrobe for the perfect office blouse. This way you’ll know what colour lipstick will match what you’re wearing. Keep everything laid out and ready to go.

Dry Shampoo

You’ll usually only use dry shampoo when you’ve been to a festival or to freshen up throughout the day but learn to love this product and it will save you time. It’s better for your hair not to be washed every day as it strips the natural oils. But we all know how self-conscious we can be without freshly washed hair. Dry shampoo is the solution to keep you feeling confident.

Multi-use your products

If you’ve found the perfect shade of blush for your cheeks then why not use it for your eyes? Create a warm natural eye look as your eyeshadow that is office ready. One of the best multi-use products is Benefits rose-tinted lip and cheek stain, perfect for those rosy cheeks and red lips!

Don’t be fussy

We all know we spend too much time perfecting our eyeliner or choosing the right lipstick. For eyeliner why not true a simple smoky eye or a natural shade with a lick of mascara for the sun kissed, natural look. Less time fiddling with the eyeliner and more time saving!

Natural make up

Stay Organised

This should be our number 1 tip! Avoid wasting time hunting for your favourite eyebrow pencil through the empty make up cases and keep your makeup bag organised. Even keeping your everyday make-up routine in a separate make up bag can save you loads of time in the morning.

Simple is sometimes better

If you’re struggling for time or running late for a party and have no time to perfect your look then keep it simple. Keep a bold lipstick and mascara on hand for a simple glamorous look in no time.


Use your assets

If you’re worried your make up isn’t looking great then use your assets to create a glam look. By putting a simple braid in your hair during the day will create gorgeous flat waves, the newest trend currently.