Have you treated your skin badly over the years? Would you like to start again? Do sun or ageing marks bother you? If the answer to all of these questions is yes, then you may way to think about skin treatments in Glasgow. Skin clinics in Glasgow have options for everyone, whether you are 16 or 60 years old. There is one man, who is leading Scotland’s cosmetic revolution, you can see this in his BBC 1 documentary, Facelifts and Fillers. Fans of Dr Darren have been flooding to his website to find out more about his skin treatments in Glasgow.

On the documentary you see one of Dr Darren’s patients undergo an intense skin treatment and at the end, the results are incredible. If you have seen the documentary, then you will know that these advanced treatments should only be applied by an expert. Don’t worry you do not have to travel far to find the best skin clinic in Glasgow as Dr Darren McKeown and his team are based in a West George Street clinic. The team offer both chemical and skin peels in Glasgow as well as IPL in Glasgow.

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Skin Treatments in Glasgow

Dr Darren McKeown is well known for his work in cosmetic surgery. As the surgery now offers a range of specialist treatments like the vampire facial in Glasgow, He has teamed up with Joanne, a skin specialist in Glasgow.  Joanne has already worked her magic on a number of patients at the skin clinic in Glasgow, helping patients achieve the best skin possible.

Skin Peel Glasgow

Skin peels give you the opportunity to start afresh, so it is no wonder that skin peels are becoming more and more popular with woman and men of all ages. Chemical peels in Glasgow should only be completed at a skin clinic. If you are wondering how skin peels work peels work by causing a controlled injury to the skin, following which the skin undergoes a phase of self-repair, emerging at the other end in a better condition than it started.

Skin clinics in Glasgow have the teams that can apply this type of treatment. They are highly skilled and depending on the type of peel you are having you may have to treat your skin with some prescription strength creams for 2 – 6 weeks before having your peel.

Acne Treatment in Glasgow

Dr Darren wants to modernise acne treatment in Glasgow. He says that “Acne can be one of the most distressing dermatological conditions. Contrary to popular opinion, it is not just a problem of teenage years with many people – especially women – suffering adult acne throughout their lives. A whole range of new skincare ingredients as well as topical and oral medication can be used to manage the condition”.  IPL treatment to reduce signs inflammation as it stimulates the production of new collagen.The IPL treatment that Dr Darren’s team uses reduces the appearance of red or brown areas of skin. You should always see a doctor for a consultation before going ahead with this type of treatment.

Dr Darren’s Clinic