Typical brides will cherish the memories of their wedding for the rest of their lives. All eyes will be on them as well as several cameras. Usually professional photographs and sometimes even videography is arranged. Therefore it is an absolute necessity for the bride to look and feel her best on the big day. Not only for all those in attendance to the special event but for the video and photographs which will be treasured for a lifetime. This is why a bridal beauty plan comes in handy. In order to avoid a last minute panic it is best to have a strategy in place several months before the wedding. Here are some ideas for a bridal beauty plan.

Facial Treatments

Our face suffers a lot, from harsh weather to make-up and other products. On the day of your wedding all eyes will be on you. To boost radiance of the face you should focus on cleansing, exfoliation and moisturising. Always ensure to remove all makeup and other harsh products before going to bed. You should also have a cleansing routine that is completed morning and night. There are various exfoliation products available to remove dead skin cells although beware not to use too harsh products. Moisturising is also key to maintaining beautiful skin. Everyone’s skin is different and it may take time before you find the best routine and skincare products that work for you. If you suffer from bad skin then it may be in your best interest to attend a skin specialist to discuss options for improving it before your wedding.

Wedding Hair

Depending on the style and theme of the wedding you may have high expectations for your hairstyle on the big day.  Even if you are wearing your hair down you will want it to be in good condition for the photographs. For those struggling with hair dryness you should try a conditioning hair mask once a month for at least 6 months leading up to the wedding. If you don’t want to use chemicals then coconut oil is a great alternative. Attending the hairdresser for regular trims will also keep your ends in good condition. If you already have damaged hair you could try and cut back on your heated hair tool use pre-wedding.

The Body

Treating your body right months and weeks before the wedding will ensure you are comfortable with yourself on that day. Eating healthy is always a good idea but avoiding high sugar and processed foods 6 months before your wedding will reduce chance of breakouts and could even help you lose a little bit of weight.

The Feet and Hands

For your special day it is certainly worth getting a manicure and pedicure. It may be an idea to go for one a few months before as it will allow you to get some foot and hand care advice from professionals. Moisturising is also beneficial to hands and feet. A fantastic tip for feet is to apply moisturiser before bed. Ensure it is fully rubbed in before putting on clean white soft socks. This will help lock in the moisture overnight.