Research on well-being among young people has found that the social difficulty pathway is associated with lower psychological well-being. This may be linked to a lack of control in the lives of young people and the stressful lifestyles the younger generations are adopting. Furthermore, it appears that attachment strength in adult relationships is a predictor of well-being. Therefore, socially disadvantaged youth may not have been able to establish secure attachments. Although these factors may be relevant to well-being, these outcomes may not be directly related to a person’s personal satisfaction.

We often hear the term well-being thrown around casually in conversations. However, have you ever stopped to ponder what it means?

What Does Well-being Mean?

It’s important to understand that well-being is much more than momentary happiness or satisfaction with oneself in a certain moment. If we look at the formal definition, well-being is defined as the state of joy, comfort, and health. So taking care of one’s health is critical for well-being, including having a balanced lifestyle and getting their health checked periodically with the help of diagnostic tests such as the well man test or well woman test.

While happiness plays a crucial role in one’s overall well-being, the multi-dimensional concept also includes satisfaction and having a sense of purpose.

Now, as you might imagine, well-being is subjective and we all hold different beliefs in regard to what it might mean. It varies from person to person, depending on their experiences, personalities, life goals, and more.

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Why is it Important?

As you’d imagine, having a sense of well-being helps us live our life to the fullest. In addition, having a sense of purpose and meaning allows us to set goals for ourselves and work towards them.

Well-being contributes to self-esteem, determination, and optimism, all being important virtues essential for a successful life.

Contributing to Society

It’s a well-known fact that the happier and more content you are with your life, the more you take heed to the pain and sufferings of the people around you. Playing the role of a contributing citizen in society is a necessary form of giving back to your community and people.

Whether this involves participating in charity organizations or giving your very best to your job, giving back is integral to being an adult.

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Health and Wellness

As mentioned earlier, well-being includes taking care of your dietary habits, making necessary changes to your lifestyle, and getting checked regularly for diseases.

This means getting periodic diagnostic tests such as a well man test or simply get a routine complete blood count to check more components at the same time. A well man test is a comprehensive examination that screens and offers results for a range of key health areas including Heart, Liver, Kidney, Diabetes, Thyroid & Hormonal Health. Regular checkups like a well man test can signal and pinpoint some health issues that you have no idea you might have, and might actually save you from further complications.

Stronger Relationships

Well-being also has a critical role to play in our personal lives. Feeling good helps you be present and more appreciative of the people in your life. Wellness allows you to have greater empathy and cultivate trusting and cooperative connections.

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How to Increase Your Well-being

Although well-being is subjective and there’s no one-fits-all approach to it, some general tips include:

·         Improving dietary habits

·         Getting a good night’s sleep

·         Exercising

·         Having an optimistic outlook

·         Positive attitude

What Next?

Achieving wellness is often easier said than done. However, it’s one of the most worthwhile things you could ever do for yourself. Well-being includes critically assessing your life and making difficult decisions we frequently shy away from.

Remember, wellness starts with you and regular checkups like well man test can help you keep your health on track and ensure your body is functioning well.