Back pain is ubiquitous amongst mankind. From tremendous heavy lifting to sitting at an office desk all day humans from all walks of life can be subject to back pain and it is one of the most agonising and debilitating problems depending on severity. Some turn to pain meds, others head straight to the chiropractor however for a lot of people back pain is inescapable and nothing seems to alleviate it. There are some simple remedies that are overlooked which may help you ease some of your back pain.

Release Endorphins for Back Pain

These hormones, which occur naturally, help relieve anxiety, stress, and depression and can even help block pain signals to the brain. Due to the tense way we hold ourselves when we are stressed or anxious these problems can aggravate back pain. Therefore inducing the release of endorphins through exercise or meditation could reduce the pain in your back.

Sleep to help Back Pain

Most people have come to realise that sleep deprivation makes everything seem worse. The body needs adequate sleep to recharge, both mentally and physically. Our bodies do not function as well if they are not getting enough decent sleep .This means that the pain you suffer could actually seem much worse than in reality because you are tired. Unfortunately back pain can most of time make it really uncomfortable to sleep therefore you end up missing hours of sleep every night. You should contact your doctor if you are struggling to sleep at night due to back pain as this could be sending you into vicious cycle of no sleep and more pain.


Work on your abs

Exercising your core can actually help your back pain. This is because the muscles in your abs support your lower spine. Typically the abs don’t get worked during regular activities therefore you should set aside some time every day to get those muscles moving. 20 to 30 minutes of abs exercises per day should help and you can do these exercises at home!


Hot and Cold Therapy for Back Pain

Any sporty people out there will be familiar with this one. Applying hot or cold compresses to the affected area can really do a lot of good for muscular pain. Some of you may think it’s an old wives tale but the truth is you should never underestimate what your mum tells you, especially true for this case.

Cold Therapy Benefits for back Pain

Reduces inflammation – standard problem leading to back pain

Numbs the pain – cold slows nerve impulses which cause pain therefore cold therapy acts as an anaesthetic

Hot Therapy Benefits

Stimulated blood flow – bringing blood to the affected area helps to heal it

Help block the pain messages going to the brain


Mind over Matter

This is a slightly more controversial theory however it has been proven to work in many cases. Everyone experiences pain differently. Everyone’s pain threshold is different and the severity of back pain will vary from person to person. With that in mind you can try to engage your brain to overcome the suffering caused from back pain. The way your brain interprets pain signals impacts how you perceive pain. You need to do some researching for this one but there is plenty of literature out there.