Planning a themed wedding? For newlyweds nowadays, a themed wedding can be a great idea to ensure the guests, as well as them, have a brilliant and memorable time. However, in too many cases, the theme goes awry due to poor planning. There are so many things to take into consideration when planning a themed wedding. From the wedding bands Scotland to the invitations. There is so much more to organise than just some themed decorations in a hall. We have collated some of the key advice involved for those thinking of going down this route for their wedding reception.

Read on and discover how to find the perfect wedding bands Scotland for your themed wedding reception, as well as loads of other valuable advice.

Decide on the Perfect Theme

First of all, the most important thing to do is to decide on a realistic theme. This needs to be something that is achievable within the venue you have chosen. Your guests need to be able to come up with costumes for the event, and you need to be able to find bridal outfits to match the theme too. Choosing a theme will be difficult unless you have something already in mind, so make sure it is a theme that means something to you as soon-to-be newlyweds.

Make sure that costumes and the wedding bands Scotland match your themed wedding.

Decide on Your Invitations and Guests

A key stage in planning any wedding is choosing the invitations and setting a guest list. The invitations, in this case, should be directly related to the theme you are going for. You should ensure that the guests you have invited are within the capacity of the venue you have chosen, and be aware of who will attend the reception but not the ceremony.

Let People Know About the Theme in Advance

When sending out the invitations mentioned above, make sure you are explicitly clear about what the theme is. You can even give suggestions for costume ideas for people to follow. If the Bride and Groom want to stand out, make sure everyone is aware of what you are wearing. You don’t want someone turning up in the same outfit as the Bride.

Find the Perfect Wedding Bands Scotland

Seen as they will be providing the entertainment for most of the evening, you need to ensure your choice of wedding bands Scotland are aware of the theme. Make sure you book a wedding band who actually relate to your theme too. For example, if you are having a 50s themed wedding then your band could be a rock and roll band or a jazz band. There are endless choices for wedding bands Scotland. You can look at agencies like Elite Bands to find a great variety.

It is important that your choice of wedding bands Scotland matches your theme.

Decorate Your Venue As Much As You Are Able

Finally, make sure you decorate your venue! Keep it consistent and try to avoid decorations being overly tacky. Get honest feedback from family and friends. You want your wedding reception to be something you look back on with joy! Bad décor will look even worse in photographs, so make sure it works.