Your roof is an important part of your property and should always be well maintained. It can experience some wear and tear over time which is often caused by harsh weather conditions. The main risk of a damaged roof is leaking which causes damage to the property and creates dampness and mould. It is important to understand the effects of harsh weather conditions and whether or not you will need a roofing company Coatbridge.

High Winds

There are many ways that severe weather can damage your roof. Wind, hail, snow, and rain are the most common culprits. These weather conditions can cause loose shingles or granules to fall off. When a shingle falls off, it could leave your roof exposed and vulnerable to damage. Storms also damage gutters, flashing, and other aspects of the roof. Wind damage can result in a number of problems, from fungus and mould to higher heating costs.

Ice Damage

When the temperature drops below freezing, your roof can start to show signs of ice damage. Fortunately, homeowners insurance policies usually cover the repair costs. But if you want to avoid a costly repair, it’s best to hire a professional contractor. They’ll know how to safely handle ice dams, and they’ll also use proper equipment to protect your home.

Freezing Rain

How does freezing rain affect your roof? It’s the result of the overlapping of cold and warm air in the atmosphere. When freezing rain falls, trees and other vegetation are covered in ice. This icy layer is heavy and can lead to the collapse of branches and tree limbs, causing damage to homes and property.

Heat From Lighting

The dangers of heat from lightning on your roof are real. The temperature of lightning bolts can reach over 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and lightning strikes can damage your roof, shingles, and attic. Direct hits from lightning can damage electrical systems and insulation. Metal water pipes and gutters are also susceptible to lightning damage, and they should be removed and replaced immediately. If you notice a bolt on your roof, contact your insurance company immediately.

Mould Growth

In humid weather conditions, algae begin to settle into the roof which causes the roof material and surface to dampen. Over time, the dampness can begin to rot, leading to mould multiplying. It can cause structural damage to the property and can begin to breakdown the surface. This means, the roof may require repairs and tile replacements which can be costly.

Choosing A Roofing Contractor

Before choosing a roofing contractor, be sure to carry out some research. Look at local roofers in your area, read reviews, ask for opinions, and contact them yourself. You will gain a better understanding of what needs done, their expertise, and pricings if you visit them or call them to ask questions. You can them compare different companies and roofers and make a decision based on the most reputable candidates, as well as value for money.