Climate change and global warming are issues that have been present for many years but little seems to have been done overall so far to tackle these massive problems plaguing the world. However having said this there has been much political and social action in the past two years to raise awareness around the issue and this has sent shock waves across the world with may governments making pledges to cut carbon emissions and to introduce greener more Eco-friendly technology. However there is still a long way to go until climate change is eliminated and so more must be done to drive change for fighting climate change as well as raising awareness surrounding the issue.

What Is Causing Climate Change?

There are many different factors that are all contributing factors to climate change and there is no one root factor. Although having said this , one of the main contributing factors to climate change is drilling for oil as well as fracking. Both these practices are based on drilling and often disturb natural gases and minerals underneath the earth’s surface. As a result , this releases carbon dioxide as well as damaging the earths atmosphere. Another major contributor to climate change is motor vehicles. Motor vehicles emit exhaust emissions into the atmosphere which contain C02. There are now record numbers of cars on the road across the world which means that levels of C02 and pollution are rising above manageable levels. In the past a big contributor to climate change was simply lack of knowledge. Many people believed that cars etc did not have a significant effect on the environment. However in recent years studies have show that climate change has been contributed to many companies failing to acknowledge that their actions have led to pollution and increased levels of C02.

What Can Be Done To Tackle Climate Change?

To tackle climate change there are a lot of different things that can be done. One of the best things that can be done in order to raise awareness surrounding climate change is to host a public event or attend one. Public events/protests raising awareness around climate change are very important in order to ensure that people are aware of the climate issues around the world. Other things that can be done to tackle climate change include making changes in your every day life. Changes in your everyday life can make a big overall difference to climate change as a whole. One change which you could make is either selling your car or purchasing a hybrid or electric car. Hybrid/electric cars have very little emissions and have fairly good duel economy.

Other actions that you can take in order to climate change could be raising the issue with your local politician. Doing this would mean that climate change can be addressed in parliament as it is an important issue that is not always addressed. Overall there are many different factors which can influence climate change. What is needed is robust proactive action without hesitation from government to make these changes