Architects are using new designs and technology to seek new ways to make buildings more stylish and innovative. One ultra-modern aesthetic that has come out of architectural designs are glass partition walls that can both let light in, make spaces appear larger and creates a versatile and sleek feel to a room.

glass partitions


Modern office design is shifting from closed off cubicles to a more open sociable space. This is said to encourage creativity and productivity with a team-orientated attitude. Glass partitions can allow more natural sunlight into the office, which also stimulates productivity within the team. Finally glass partitions can be set up within an open office to allow a more private space for important meetings or separate brainstorming sessions.

glass partitions


Within a bar or restaurant glass partitions can transform a large open space and create separate spaces within the property. For example a private dining area or bar. This allows the business owner to maximise the space and profits by charging more for the exclusive VIP space.


A tiny space such as a residential bathroom can often feel overlooked in interior design. By erecting a privacy glass partition between the shower and toilet area or the dressing area has been seen in many new builds. Hotels are using this design to within the bathroom suite to ensure they maximise privacy.

glass partitions


Home and hotel designers are finding innovative and forward thinking ways to maximise and modernise space within bedrooms. Boutique hotels use glass partitions to separate dressing spaces and en suite bathrooms.


Savvy architects are using glass partitions within living spaces to bring back the 70s style home design. Retro is back! So hosting a party or having private time your living area will look chic with glass partitions.

glass partitions