The Secret of Botox

Botox has been a go to for celebrities and such for several years. To the public eye Botox was understood to be the thing that made famous people look a bit odd. Sitting at home on a Friday night watching your favourite talk show you might have witnessed that famous movie star from days gone by talking and laughing with the host. You might have been thinking “Wow she looks great for her age” and wondered what her secret is. The secret that’s not so secret is Botox. Luckily Botox Glasgow is now more affordable and better understood than ever before.

Botox Glasgow for the Non-Celebrity

Thanks to the development in cosmetic research and technologies in addition to the boom in aesthetic treatments industry Botox Glasgow is now an affordable luxury for many people.  This rejuvenating miracle treatment is no longer reserved for the rich and famous but every Claire, Grace and Annie can reap the benefits. In today’s money and beauty driven society, getting older and looking older is much less accepted. With the spread of fitness fanaticism and healthy diets fuelling the determination to look our best it is not surprising that aesthetic cosmetic procedures are also becoming more and more ubiquitous.

Botox for Medical Issues

There are of course still those who are on the sceptical side of the fence when it comes to having cosmetic surgery performed on their own bodies. However they are suffering from the stress of looking older and struggling to find lasting solutions. If you are one of these people then you are in for a treat. Now there is emerging evidence of five medical benefits of Botox.

The Benefits of Botox

This treatment has been known to:

  • Treat a drooping brow
  • Stop Excessive Sweating
  • Reduce Migraine Pain
  • Treat Bells Palsy


Botox Glasgow: Where to Go

Before diving into the cosmetic surgeon’s chair, first you should know how it works. Botox, short for Botulinum toxins, is injected into the skin to alter the balance between muscles and facial expression. There are two categories of muscles: those which pull the face up and those which pull the face down. The purpose of Botox in Glasgow is to weaken the muscles which pull the face down. This results in an enhancement of the muscles which lift the face up. The overall effect is a revitalising lifting effect which makes the face appear younger as the wrinkles are less defined.

Dr Darren for Botox Glasgow

Dr Darren McKeown is an expert aesthetic treatment specialist helping his patients to fight the aging process and feel better about themselves. As one of the leading specialists in Botox Glasgow, Dr Darren executes this treatment with precision and delicacy.  With Dr Darren you will not have the frozen face that puts fear into many considering having Botox applied. The trick is not to use too much and not to get too many treatments. Dr Darren is a cosmetic specialist with integrity. He will be honest with his patients if they return too soon or too often for treatment when it is not needed.


The Benefits of Botox in Glasgow

  • Treats a drooping brow
  • Stops Excessive Sweating
  • Reduces Migraine Pain
  • Treatment for Bells Palsy
  • Stop Eye Twitching

Source: Dr Darren McKeown